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Our wakeboarding club is a perfect place to enjoy one of the world¡¯s best extreme sports.

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Professional Instructors

Our club hires the most experienced wakeboarding instructors to help you get the most out of .首页管理

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The club boards up at a breathtaking spot, which has been a prime location for boarders for many years.

Top Equipment

We offer a range of both beginner and pro equipment, including vests, wakeboards, and more!

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At our club, we offer a variety of opportunities and activities for our members and guests. Here are some of our regular offers that we hope will interest you.首页管理


Were one of the biggest wakeboarding clubs in the USA.

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In our gallery, you can take a look at the best moments from the life of our wakeboarding club. Among other highlights, it includes photos of our regular members and guests.首页管理

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